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Later, Lisa and Robin fight again on the deck, Lisa pushes Robin into some stairs where she loses consciousness. Brunette milf gets fucked hard. We then see Brianna standing in front of a mirror in her robe, the guy standing behind her and pulling her robe open slightly to reveal Brianna's cleavage as he places a diamond necklace around her neck.

Soon Lisa secretly catches on. Robin finds defaced pictures of herself and believes Lisa did it. Brianna brown naked. The character first appeared in November portrayed by actress, Julie Mond. Brianna Brown lying on her side naked on a bed as a guy reaches around to squeeze her breast while having sex with her from behind. In Juneit was announced that under new head writer Garin WolfBrown would depart from the series. Soon after, she leaves Emma's toy rabbit in a boiling hospital bunsen burner for Robin to see.

While Kristina is passed out babysitting, Lisa bugs the house, steals Patrick's credit card to make romantic purchases with, and takes pictures of their basement while researching home gas leaks. Jules Azar as Brianna Lynn Brown. Lisa takes advantage of Robin's distraction to steal the syringe and dispose of it. Mai ly nude pics. Enraged, Robin leaves him. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Lisa goes to check Robin's body, only to find her alive, when Mac and Patrick arrive. I definitely suffered from stage fright. We see bare breasts from Brianna and then she steps backward, showing full-frontal nudity. So I loved the idea of getting to play that. July 2nd, 8: Robin finds it first, and Lisa is close behind her. Brianna Brown in a black bra and panties, wearing a cowboy hat and boots as she sits in a guy's lap and gives him a drugged drink.

In Octoberit was revealed that Lisa would be killed offas the start of a whodunit storyline on the series. We have a good long way to go with this story—in fact, we might easily get another year out of it.

Perceiving this message as a threat to her child, Robin punches Lisa at the hospital, which prompts her suspension. As he tries to remain conscious, Brianna then steals some money from him and uses the phone, all while still looking sexy in her bra and panties.

It's been so much fun. Monk and the Astronaut Brianna Lynn Brown walking across a shower while topless and covering her breasts with her arms and grabbing her red sports bra before crossing a locker room to go put it on as a guy talks to her. Xxx sexy online. It was an ideal [situation]! She proceeds to put them through a mock trial outlining their poor treatment of her.

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The character is known for being a villain to popular characters Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio.

Jumping in front of cars and then blaming someone else for it and drugging people. Busty milf pics. Show all 10 episodes. Her storyline originally consisted of causing tension between Patrick and his wife Robin. Patrick attempts to talk Lisa down and then grabs her. This page was last edited on 8 Januaryat Although still separated, Robin and Patrick concoct a scheme to make their break-up seem even more volatile in hopes this will lower Lisa's guard and Patrick will be able to coax a confession out of her.

The Evil Within Brianna Brown Brianna Brown standing in a hallway as she talks to a guy and takes her dress off as he watches. General Hospital Lisa Niles. Initially, the character was not well received by fans of the series, as she was seen as a threat to fan favorite couple, Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In MayLisa's true killer is revealed to be Matt, and he is sent to prison.

The character first appeared in November portrayed by actress, Julie Mond. Brianna brown naked. Lesbian zodiac matches. Lisa Niles Brianna Brown as Dr. Meanwhile, she saves Robin and Emma from a fire, and Robin claims Lisa set the fire in the first place. Start your free trial. Lisa continues her efforts to prevent their reconciliation, and to deface Robin's character. Mond was replaced by Brianna Brown in early In December of that year, it was announced that Mond was let go from the series as the character would be taken in a new direction, and her storyline would be altered.

Updated to higher quality. The storyline was subject to some controversy in October,when Lisa attempted to inject Patrick with Robin's blood, thus injecting him with the HIV virus, which Robin has lived with for years. Hi-res DVD capture from Smallville. When that is resurrected for one night—and Patrick says it can never happen again—she tries very hard to accept that. Thin girl gets fucked. This is not a Glenn Close sort of thing. Subsequently, Lisa escapes from Shadybrook while in the midst of being moved to another facility.

So I loved the idea of getting to play that.

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On September 23, Lisa is seen opening her eyes and awakening from her comatose state. Show all 8 episodes. Abigail Fine as Brianna Lynn Brown.

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