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She used to be the cute and loved Miley from hannah Montana. Pierced huge tits. He is cute in all but I can't stand his acting and his smile looks like he is drunk What if he was drunk that would be weird V 4 Comments. Karan brar naked. And she has scrawny legs so I don't know why she has to show them off like they are good.

You guys are so stupid. If you like what we do, however, please consider becoming a Slant patron. I could talk for hours about how bullying isn't right. Really, really bad actor. She is a kid! I am certainly far from being jealous of someone who is 17 and looks like 12, acts like a toddler with her retarded remarks and comments, and has money to just let blow to the wind. He has also starred in Lemonade Mouth, and very well too.

Laura is a unlikeable and she is someone that derseverd to be punch and to be killed and stabed V 79 Comments. Sexy girls twerking nude. Stop showing off your "karate" skills you don't have non. She makes us feel like babies. Brar said this was a Read more. She is so annoying! Her father Billy Ray Cyrus also starred in the show. She wears the most annoying clothes and always calls herself lil row or names like that just to say "Oh, I am so little, tiny, and cute!

I also think that her acting skills are so sub-par that she should even be allowed to perform in middle school plays. Zendaya would actually be able to make it in her own show. Welcome to slime history rebelwilson!! Her singing is the worst and her acting is somehow worse than that. Being 11 may not be being a teenager, but you are in the pre-teen years.

The whole Dog with a blog is getting boring. She's not on disney, but she still can't act and she's really overrated. The Disney sweetie was. Naked barbie doll sex. Miley Cyrus's voice is contralto. Her singing voice is just talking and let me tell you the songs that she sings on the show get stuck in my head, not for a good reason, I listen to them so many times so I can pick apart everything that she does wrong.

You know what, contributing to the fact that a lot of these stars can't act well, it actually is more that Disney sucks and that the writers have done a poor job of writhing the scrips and the story line, but also because it will never be as good as 'the good old days' where Disney was actually funny and had more diversity in culture and themes a like. He is best known for his role as Joey Rooney in the Disney Channel sitcom Liv and Maddie, which began inand his role as Magoo in the film Fred 3:

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I liked her as kim on kickin it, as Lindy on I didn't do it, um, not so good, and she isn't that good as a singer.

I had a dream Connor showed back up and did whole Romeo thing to Jude.

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I do love Sabrina Carpenter's music and acting but what I don't get is everyone saying she's better than Rowan and that Rowan is a little brat. He thinks he is so handsome, but in my opinion, he has an ugly face and a stupid personality! The only thing that made her famous was teen beach movie and even that sucked Have you seen The Fosters? Well, for the haters: He is a kid.

Totally gonna be a Hollywood celeb some day. Katrina kaif hot sexy nude. People should not put themselves out into the world unless they're ready I hate when people make fun of actors and actresses.

The whole Dog with a blog is getting boring. They should have cast someone else as her, since she more or less ruins the show. Karan brar naked. She just sucks all around. I know someone who's friend met her and that person said that the friend said that Maddie Ziegler was "a bitch" and I don't know that much about her but she seems kind of annoying from the way people talk about her.

Seriously, her acting skills are less than mediocre, her singing hard to tolerate, and her voice irritating. I was raised by my grandparents, I love to make small collections of items like rocks and stickers, I grew up playing a lot of sports competitively, I love Star Wars and have Boba Fett tattooed on my arm but Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is my favorite movie.

So don't worry sweetheart! When you're in a studio there's just a people running around and a producer screaming the whole time. She sings in such a fake voice. Sexy girl fitness. He is so funny He's amazing V 5 Comments. The Dallas episode for heyusax is the funniest yet! All Top Ten Lists 9 Television.

She has a rectangle face, a hooked nose most people try to hide, really thin lips, and small eyes; all together it's hideous. Yeah I know she pretends to be a role model, but then she goes on Jimmy Kimmel Live and flashes him with her unclothed upper body - opinionated4.

March 7, Amy Crooks 1 Comment eyes wide openfallon smythesabrina carpentersarah carpenterwe'll be the stars. I see 5 girls in my class drooling over this untalented girl and trying to be like her, and personally, I'm disgusted. Leaked Nudes of Karan Brar from Jessie.

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