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Although Veger stated that he lost young Jak to the Underground, the Shadow the Underground leader noted that he found him just "wandering the streets," suggesting young Jak may have escaped by his own power.

Has his own little high-tech laser pistol. Daxter does have an excuse, being that he used to be human. Adriana lima naked sex. Jak and daxter sexy girls. Sig is more likely to serve as a guest than any other character. Krew then admits that he ate him, as if it were a slip in his otherwise strict diet. Or does he want to use the power of Dark Eco to remake the world to his liking?

He chose to save the world, and after the battle, Jak opened the ancient Precursor door at the top of the citadel, and discovered the rift gate and rift rider behind it, which would start the events of Jak II. He crashes into a stash of Eco and explodes when trying to run Jak over with a zoomer. As explained in the third game, Jak "never knew [his] father". In Jak 3Jak coldly rejecting Ashelin's offer to return to Haven may have been extremely unheroic, but he's completely in the right to be angry about how he was made into a scapegoat for the Metal Head invasion and banished to the wasteland for it, despite saving their asses from the initial invasion and killing the Metal Head Leader.

After Jak freed him eventually he congratulated them on their success and combined his power with the other three sages to break the force shield surrounding the Precursor Robot. Naked and drunk pics. Once the former heard this, he revealed to Jak and his companions the eco seekera Precursor device said to point to any major source of eco; although the seeker was broken.

If there's one thing I can do, it's race! The only female Krimzon Guard we see, she wears a "uniform" like this.

One of the Boys: His ego is enormous, and he is always telling tall tales, mostly about his adventures with Jak, although he stretches the truth to make him seem like the hero. At some point during these events, an older version of Jak arrived from a different time zone.

Damas is the blue to Kleiver's red. Keira develops a crush on Erol in the second game. Top ten after the jump His mother's fate or even name is left unmentioned, though she's likely dead given that Damas is single when met. Il a aussi corrompu Krew pour qu'il ouvre la ville aux Metal Heads. When Daxter came back out, he was in the form of an ottsel. He also takes some enjoyment in killing metal heads and a fondness for guns. The Yellow Sage is a master of yellow eco who lived next to Gol and Maia's citadel until he was captured by them to power their Precursor robot.

Upon reaching Aeropa, Jak explained to the city's leaders, Duke Skyheed and Chancellor Ruskinthat he is on a quest to find more eco. If I only had a dollar for every gamer that said "I wish I was I-no's guitar" than I'd be a very rich man indeed. In the ending scene, he has his Jak II appearance. Julianne hough hot nude. He is absolutely enthralled with the mystery of the Precursors.

So Orihime is from the import anime fighting series Bleachbut I'm such a fan of the anime as well as the games that I couldn't help but put her on the list.

He and his Krimzon Guard.

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Jak birth name Mar [1] is the main protagonist of the Jak and Daxter seriesbeing the titular and playable character throughout the franchise with the exception of the spin-off game Daxter. Old Samos was right about you! Count Veger is obsessed with "destroying all shadows" and likes everything neat and tidy, but just can't accept that life is messy.

Plans to best the Metal Heads, who put him in his place when it hit the fan. Busty lesbian fisting. This is even lampshaded in-game. Although not as nice as the former trope namer Dumbledore.

His mother was never mentioned in any of the games, making him one of a few characters to have a father with no apparent mother. Jak and daxter sexy girls. Even then, he still doesn't trust them. One gets killed by a Dark Maker boss before Jak could reach him, however. Can't Hold His Liquor: It's a curse, isn't it!?

She's a girl you'd best listen to as well, since she is lethal with a gun. Subverted because he is revealed to be alive in the third game. She was Jak's love interest from the very beginning, though the role was given to Ashelin in Jak 3. Bangladeshi girl naked. Eventually it was revealed that the new planet is actually a teleportation device, intended for the villains to take the heroes' place back home.

Obviously the "beast" part of his relationship with Tess, though since she's the protective one, it's a subversion. He was asked to do so by Kor —who was disguised as a human working for the Underground—in order to protect a "very important" child.

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He becomes this in IIdue to being tortured and imprisonment for two years. Daxter refers to Seem as 'monk boy' and Seem never corrects him; the trophy for rescuing Seem at the temple is titled "dude in distress"; in the Spanish, Italian, German and French versions of the game Seem is stated to be male and is voiced by a male actor; a fan emailed Naughty Dog and the answer received was "Seem is male"; the official Jak 3 website gives Seem's gender as male.

He does say "Ouch! Sure, she was working for the Gravillians for a little while, but we all know that wasn't her true nature. Created a levitation machine to lift a boulder blocking the pathway to the evil Lurker Klaww. He has amazing eco-channeling powers.

Although this role is reduced in the later games. Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: At the end of the game, he commented on Keira's potential to become a sage Cool and Unusual Punishment: His father was one of the best racers on the planet before being murdered by the Kras City crime lord Mizo. French sexy milf. Elle est amoureuse de Jak. Top ten after the jump

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Jak puts it together almost immediately One of his more badass moments. Il est un membre assez important du gang de Mizo et ne se laissera pas faire. Jak and daxter sexy girls. Spongebob squarepants sandy cheeks naked. Or more specifically, Metal Head in human's clothing. She and Gol were able to capture the other sages rather easily, although Maia mentions that the Red Sage, who is the strongest of the four, gave up with little effort.

Jak's primary ability is being able to channel various kinds of eco, which is used to great effect in The Precursor Legacygiving him various "power-ups" in order to complete certain facets of the game. During the first game only. Sexiest naked women of all time While his long blue coat looks quite cool, Veger is not a badass. Near the end of their battle, Jak discovered light ecowhen four towers surrounding the silo opened up and the four colored ecos inside combined, which could change Daxter back theoretically or defeat Gol and Maia and save the world.

Jak then managed to activate the Rider and entered the Gate, where they were sent into the future in Haven City. He spends a lot of time pulling witty wisecracks and jerkish behaviour but is generally a loyal and good friend, especially towards the end where he chooses to save the world instead of changing back to his original form. Being Tortured Makes You Evil: The team defeats the alien duo and manages to use the device for themselves to return home safely.

Kor would later be revealed to be the Metal Head leader, disguising himself as an Underground member to sabotage Baron Praxis, who made a deal with him that somewhat neutralized the ongoing war activity.

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